24 April 2007


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Vanessa Farkas

Another set of fabulous LO. You never cease to amaze and inspire me! :) I wonder if Desert Flier would go for some of the flowers...no, perhaps not...oh, what the heck, I may just slip a few in anyway!


OMG those layout are truly amazing....so full of beautiful details. You are so talented and I love your style. Keep up the great work

Nicole Penders

Wow Dawn your LO's are fabulous...again!!! Especially the silverback LO. I love the title and the way you printed text...

gr Nicole

Karen aka lindse

Wow!! I just love your LOs - they are so colorful, packed with details and super inspirering! I love coming to your blog, I always leave with such a happy feeling and always in the mood for scrapping :)


I love the soft sculture and the hers&his LOs!
Great layouts! :)
The zoo trip was sure fruitful!

Busy weeks...hay...same here...:)


Ooh yet more gorgeous layouts - a true feast for the eyes! I can't believe how you get so many done in such a short space of time - and they are so full of detail! My layouts are extremely simple in comparison yet take me forever to decide where to place a piece of patterned paper for example!

Totally love the little overlay you made that is on the squirel layout - will definately have to use that one :o) (Once I eventually manage to find some transparency to print on!)

Gems xxx

Gaëlle De larmor

absolutely gorgeous, I really love everything !


Hey Dawn,

You've done, once again, an amazing job with your LO's! I like the Spotty Dog LO very much. Carly is indeed a very creative girl. I can imagine you are very lucky with her! I love the details you've enclosed in all your LO's. It's astonishing!


What a great idea to make a LO about you and your hubby. It's a wonderful thing. I should make one like that for me and Eric.


I love the layout of you and your hubby!! Its WONDERFUL!

I also love the photo of the gorilla-- and the bad day song
on it-- it made me smile!! :)

Love your work always!! :D


Thank you for the eye candy ! I'm always come and see what you made and again amazing things to see . !! You have a lovely daughter and she's very brave ;)O and your husband looks like a very sweet man !!


I love your hairy friend Dawn! ;-) The other lo's are beutiful too, as always.

Chris and Laurie

I love the layouts.I also love the way take pictures close up of your layouts.


Hi!!! I so loooooooove the Bad Day Lo with that big ape on it......super!!! and love the round ones too!!! The one with you and DH on it.....great!!!!!!! Well..... as a matter of fact.....like them all a lot:-)


You make wonderfull things!!!
It is amazing!!!

Babs Gough

Dawn, the class you did for the crop day last Sunday was great. I love the doodling and have already used it in with my latest pages. I'm going to try some of your other ideas when I get a chance too. Things are pretty hectic here although I don't envy you and Carly with exams looming. I well remember those days with Jo and her brother. I sometimes think it's worse for parents having to watch as their little treasures go through it!!! Good luck to you all!!


Awesome work again, Dawn. The Bad Day LO is my favourite. Have a nice weekend!!


That Mokey is sooo cool!!

And all the others are super too



Lookie here Dawn -> http://www.scrapbookchalet.com/photos/showphoto.php?photo=4741.....Made my own HOTTIE page like your Keanu! Thanks for the inspiration.....

Love yah girlfriend!


beautiful work from you and Carly (photos and crafts, I am *not* surprised)


wow!!!! Dawn! this LO's are so BEAUTIFUL I love the first one!!! great!

Bety :)


Hello Dawn.
I have been visiting your blog several of times now. And today I thought I wanted to leave a message.
I am AMAZED by your LOs. They are soooo stunning, wonderful, beautiful and very very inspiring!!
Actually I have bookmarked your blog. I love lurking around and see new stuff from you!
Keep up the good work!

Have a super Sunday!
Charlotte in Denmark


You do jusice to all those beautiful papers with your incredable LO's. Can't wait to see them IRL. Stunning!
DDD xx


BABY GIRL!! I am here! I MISS YOU!!! Been so busy haven;t had nearly enough time to pay you the attention you deserve! I love ya! love your pages as always- you inspire me and make me wish I had time to scrap and play!!! KISSES and HUGS!


jan ward

Wow dawn. you have been really busy.I love all of them loads of gorgeous colours and lots of textures.

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