24 August 2007


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congratulations Craly!!!!
Dawn, i am so pleased to hear that Holland was a success , as if it would be anything else!!
Loving that mini book, off to download
anna xxx

Vanessa Farkas

Looks like you had so much fun! Thanks for sharing :)
And as always, your art is the best.


Congrats Carly!! Loving that mini book! Glad everything went well in Holland.


Sound like you had a lot of fun in Holland. I would have whished that I was there, so if you ever comes to Denmark let me know ;O)
I just love that minibook....keep up the great work

Chevonne Pannullo

Your trip sounds like it was just wonderful! You're so lucky, to be able to meet so many people. I love the minibook. I may have to give it a shot!

Chevonne Pannullo

Congrats, to Carly, too! What great grades!


Well done Carly! Love the printable, loved seeing your photos and LO's..stunning as usual.


Huge CONGRATS to Carly!! You have every reason to be proud of her. Great to see some pics of your workshops in Holland. I had a great time on Friday evening. Haven't had time yet to e-mail you any pictures, but you can see them on my blog at http://scrapbookmaniaandmore.blogspot.com/2007/08/fun-evening.html . Wow! Your doodle printables look awesome. You're the doodle queen, Dawn. :-))


Wow Dawn , what a beautiful stuff here again and I/m glad you had such a wonderful trip to Holland ! looks great !!


Congratz Carly!!!
So nice finally meeting you Dawn, such a shame you had to catch a plane right after the workshop. Diner next time? The minibook looks great! Have yourself a nice and quiet weekend!


me again... where can I find the printable minialbum, can't find a link.


Wow Carly, congrats girl!! That's fantastic!!
Dawn, it was so great finally to met you irl!! We had a fabulous evening on friday!! Thank you so very much!!

Nicole Penders

Congrats for Carly!!!You have such a lovely daughter...and it was very nice to meet you...and the printable album is FAB!!!

gr Nicole


Dawn, I am so happy you had a good time in Ede ! All those wonderful photos, feels like I was there a bit LOL Your minibook just looks great, I will use it for sure, thank you so much !


I'm sooooooooo sorry I couldn't come to the workshop, maybe next time ;-)?

Congratulations to Carly, you did a good job there girl!

Have to take a look at the printable minibook, does your creativity ever stop?


Michelle G

I am in awe!!!! You are amazing woman!!!! Congrats to Carly too!!!


Wish I could be there too. Aren't you coming to Belgium??? It would be great to meet you.
Hugs, isolde


Congrats to Carly girl!! What a great list!!!!
And so nice to hear you had a great time in my home country!! Love all the pictures and already heard from Jeanet she had a great time!!!
So...........when's Ontario part of your classes???
XX Marjolein


Congrats tot Carly!!! I had so much fun at the workshop Dawn! It was so very great to meet you! (and also your daughter to) and the minibook (yearbook) was fabulous!!! gr.marije.


Hey sweets! First: Mucho congrats to Carly!! It was so so great to meet the two of you live! Thanks so much for a great time & your beautiful doodling on my card ;) and all the inspiration!! xoxo Mandy


Wow... I so love that mini book! I will print it very soon... can't wait to get started with it! :)

Love all the pictures from Holland! Too bad I couldn't make it. Hopefully you'll be back another time... :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Oh... and big congrats to Carly of course! :D


Congrats carly... You ubertalented girl ;)

what an awesome pictures dawn. I updated my blog too with pictures...

I loved to meet you too honey


Cathy C

WOW!! love your mini album Dawn!! just got it & can't wait to play!! ......... Congrats Carly!!


Hello Dawn, Splendid, I bought your minis book, it is super. Thank you very much to make us share your talent.
Kisses, Chrys.


Loving your pages, can't wait to use your mini book download


Loving your pages, can't wait to use your mini book download


congrats carly!
great layouts as usual and the classes all looked so much fun!

monique helfrich

Huge Congrats Carly!!! You're so talented.... wish you lots of luck in what else you planned to study!
Dawn, I admire your patience that you showed friday between al the chatting "tokking" Dutchscrapchickens ;) Love the yearbook and you did a wonderful job with the digi minibook! Congrats too!


Wow! Big Congratulations to Carly - fantastic results, you must be so proud of your baby!! Am loving the mini book that I have just downloaded and can't wait to have a play!! Glad Holland went so well for you both


That is an awesome little book! And I am so glad you had such a good time on your visit!!


Greetje from the Netherlands

Congrats Carly a litlle bit late but my PC is not that good anymore!!!
Nice mini album and ofcourse I love the pics of the sunday morning!!!


I love the mini album but the link isn't working. Where can I find it? Could you please help me?

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