02 August 2007


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Look at you.. more famous every day chicky!! WHOO HOO!!!

Vanessa Farkas

Please don't forget us 'little people' now that you have become such a celebrity! :) LO! Congratulations!

shayna lou

WHOOP-WHOOP! yay for fleck and yay for you sweet cheeks - don't you be forgettin about sweet paul now. remember to pay special attention!

love to him and carly!


O I love that colors !!! Lots of succes !!


OMG...you really ROCK girl!! I'm so happy for you!!!
And I'm looking forward to see you at August 17th (count the day's ;-)
Have a nice day and enjoy all these happy things!


once again some wonderful colors ! LOVE IT !
too bad I won't be able to come to your blog for the next 3 weeks (too long !) because I'm going on holidays tomorrow morning.
First holidays for my baby girl ! My son can't wait to show her the seaside ! lol
Congrats again on this kit, it really IS gorgeous !!

See you soon


Love this kit! The colours are amazing.
But..although you make beautiful digi layouts... I couldn't miss your paper layouts! So don't forget to post some paper now and then ;-)


There's no stopping you sweetie! Congrats on all the TOOTS!


Dawn, you are extremely busy ! And so great you will be in the Page Maps book, I am jealous LOL I love that site, I visit it a lot if I cannot find any inspiration ! Congratulations !


Woohoo... such exciting news! Congratulations Dawn, you totally deserve it girl! You rock! :)


That is SO exciting!


Well done Dawn!! And you're still doing your day-job? The kits are brill!


congratulations hun, all such fantastic news!!


Holy! What wonderful wonderful news indeed.
When it rains, it does pour! :)
Congratulations, Dawn!

Lisette aka Lam

Congratulations you really ROCK girl!! I'm so happy for you


Wonderful news and so well deserved. Congrats on all the good things happening.


You really rock!! Have fun creating.

Didi R.

WOW Dawn you got it goin ON!! LOVE your underwater shots and that awesome bright fun kit you used to scrap 'em with! We got one of those once and it was tough to get the hang of...but the few goodies we got were worth it!


I just love all the wonderful, bright colors. I have to learn how to bring that color back into my own life!


Awww my sweet little tart across the pond - thanks for the props. :) And thanks again for doin' that double honker -- wait until you see it everyone -- it's one rockin layout! Your digi work is just dope in my book. Love you to bits!



I really LOVE the Kalaidoscope kit! It looks awesome, Dawn! :)
And congrats on creating a double LO for the page maps book! it's so cool! You rock, girl! :)


You are on FIRE!!!! All the kits look awesome. I can't wait to see the page maps book!!!!!

Cheryl (mum-on-the-run)

WOW!! Well done on all your GREAT news!!

Great LO, the piccie is fantastic :)


Lots of exciting news for you Dawn--congrats on it all! :D


Yahooey!! Congratulations! What an awesome opportunity! I'm thrilled for you!


Hi YA Dawn
Loving that new kit. Huge congrats on the Becky thing. I can't wait to see your layout.
Best Wishes


What exciting news again!!!

You are nog halfway up the stairs... but way further!!! So happy for you!

I love pagemaps too, I've even printed ALL the sketched (pdf-files) and put them in a book!

Dawn, gonna meet you in just FIVE days in Holland!!! I can't WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hi Dawn,
What an amazing work again!!! Wonderful!!!
Saturday we're finally going to meet:):)
See you soon sweetie!!


Nicole Penders

I left for two weeks vacation and ohh my, you had a lot of exciting news...Great LO again... and I can wait till sunday...See ya...
greetz Nicole


I am soooo behind on all my favorite blogs since I got back from holiday last week. Wow, Dawn....you ROCK....BIG TIME!! You created some gorgeous kits again. Kaleidoscope is my favorite. Love the colors! Congrats on the toots. Looking forward to meeting you on Friday. Only 3 more days to go. Well, 4 if you also count today. Have a nice day!

Miranda Wedekind

Hi Dawn, you're nominated as Rockin' girl blogger!
Check out my blog!
So looking forward to meeting you Friday!!!!! Have a save trip.

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